The Healthy Wraps

This option caters for the hand held food, easy to take away, healthy fast food on the go. It’s a well-recognized healthy brand in the Irish Festival, Corporate and Private Hire field It offers vegan food from around the world in a Stonebaked Wholemeal artisan wrap. From India to Italy and back to Mexico, our authentic fun menu really covers all the bases. Such a variety of choices and always packed with fresh seasonal salads. Check out the menu it includes vegan meatballs slow cooked in a herb basil garlic tomatoe sauce and much more…. We can always accommodate gluten free options but we also open out the menu to the customers tailored choices.

Creamy coconut Keralan curry with sweet potato, marinaded minty cucumbers, lime cashew sour cream, mango chutney, marinated veggies.

The Indian Wrap

Sunny slow cooked herbed ragu sauce with veggie meatballs, gluten free macaroni, mushrooms, rocket, vegan cheese, marinated veggies.

The Italian Job

Stacks of chips, sauce of your choice, marinated veggies and vegan cheese.

Irish Hangover Wrap

Homestyle, ‘skin on’ potato chips cooked in sunflower oil.

Jacket Chips

Rich Mexican bean chilli, mixed greens, jalapeños, lime cashew sour cream, marinated veggies, sprouted seeds, vegan cheese.

The Mexican Wrap

Sprouted Middle Eastern falafels, sprouted lemon and coriander houmous, fresh spicy harissa sauce, marinated veggies, sprouted lentils.

The Exotic Wrap

Heaps of bananas, honey, peanut butter, special raw chocolate spread, crushed nuts and cinnamon. *Gluten free wraps available

The Sweety Wrap

Homestyle ‘skin on’ potato chips with a choice of sauce.

Big Hot Pot

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